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What Sengoku

domestic and overseas oem supplier


SENGOKU was founded in Japan in 1953(Year Showa 28).

SENGOKU's targets have been Customer's satisfaction and Importance of production quality. Since we have been taking care of those two targets, our technology and production skills are getting higher. Currently, we can make production from the beginning to the end such as planning, developing, producing, selling, and after-purchasing servicing. We make home electrical appliances, kerosene heating equipment, and gas cooking/ heating equipment.

Additionally, today, SENGOKU has been developing press working technology and creating a new mold, new parts, and new products. 

Although making new things are very tough work, we would love to do it  because we want to see our customers love our products..

SENGOKU continues to expand globally, providing high delivery speed and superior quality products.



Press-working・Manufacturing products、Manufacturing electric appliances etc.、Manufaturing solar water heaters、Manufaturing kerosene products、Manufaturing gas devices

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Production type

Electrical products(Air Conditioner、Kerosene Stove、Oven toaster)
Gas devices(Portable Cooker、Gas Heater)
Kerosene Products(Kerosene Stove、Kerosene Fan Heater)

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What is the strong point of Sengoku?

Everybody is using our production

For example, in 2011, Toaster was produced about 800,000. Portable Cooker was produced about 350,000. We sell our products all over the world.

Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001


Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001
SENGOKU awarded ISO 9001(Quality Management System) and ISO 14001(Environmental Management System).
SENGOKU Groups observe and operate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Support for the baseball convention of a honor of Alladdin flag.

Support for the baseball convention of a honor of Alladdin flag,that was held for elementary schoolchildren & junior high school students of Kasai-city, Hyogo in 2011.By cooperation of the Gentlemen concerned,wehave got great power & impression from the children who played so vivid & single-minded.

Support for the baseball convention of a honor of Alladdin flag photo

Exchange multiple cultures

Exchange multiple cultures photo

Fifth grader's children of Izumi elementaly school in Kasai and Brazilian employees and Chinese trainees exchanged under the theme of Food education.
Employees introduced the dish of the hometown (foreign country).