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Bunch of Human Power

Production department

Tsutsui's photo1

Going China shortly after began working in SENGOKU Putting efforts for improving product's quality

Name Tatsunori Tsutsui
Affiliation Production department Quality Assurance
Working in SENGOKU from 2011
What is your major in your university? Science and Engineering Physics

Career in SENGOKU

I have experienced production procedures for several months. After that, I have been working in Quality Assurance department, and taking care of Dish washer and dryer products.

Current Job Information

To build stable mass production line is very important task for Quality Assurance department. Recently, I am finding problem points of production line and resolving those problems. Although I have just began work in SENGOKU, I feel it is very lucky for me to work in China.

Future Target, Challenge

Target is my senior associates because they work effectively as well as they give me pinpoint advise. I would like to help my coworkers which my senior associates are doing for me. In addition, I would like to be a person who knows everything about dish washer and dryer.


Priority thing

Tsutsui's photo2

When I am operating, I concentrate on my job. In other words, I am relaxing when I am not operating.
Sometimes it is very hard to improve production quality because I have to think about "No more additional strain but needs improving". However, when I resolve a problem, I really feel achievement and happiness.



SENGOKU Image in One Syllable

SENGOKU give many Chances to grow up as well as those chances are very challenging.

Gap before working after working

I thought there were many strict people in workplace, so workplace would have been very scary place. However, actually, there are many friendly people.


In China I go to eating and shopping with my coworkers. Sometimes, we are doing BBQ. In Japan, I go to sightseeing and go snowboarding during winter season.