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Bunch of Human Power


Olga Lochtchinina photo1

Sengoku is a leading manufacturer , always looking for innovations and improvements.

Name Olga Lochtchinina
Affiliation SENGOKU L.A. LTD.
Working in SENGOKU from 2003
Past Career Accountant and Immigration Paralegal at USVisa Associates Law Office, Los Angeles, CA
What is your major in your university? Finance

Career in SENGOKU

AR Accounting & shipping to Sales and EDI Coordinator.

Current Job Information

Coordinating inventory between US warehouses; Ensuring efficient processing and shipping of all orders; Electronic Data Incorporation procedures; Product Liability issues; Workers Compensation issues; Customers' issues on operations, ensuring that all customers' Policies and Procedures are meeting with Sengoku's standards; Legal claims; Shipping schedules, Plans and Projections, Returns and Customers Policies, and more...

Future Target, Challenge

Main target is to ensure consistant stability in Company's growth.

Priority thing

Working as efficiently.

SENGOKU Image in One Syllable

Sengoku is a leading manufacturer , always looking for innovations and improvements.

Gap before working after working

It is impossible to tell what was before I started I simply don't know how was it; but Since I have started working at Sengoku LA, because of our teams' initiatives as well as my personal input we have tremendously improved the ways of processing daily operations, implemented new ideas, created new tools which all together made it possible to keep very efficient operations, without increasing personnel and/or expenses.



Olga Lochtchinina photo2

Spend time with family.
Playing tennis and reading books on couch.