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Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy and Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy

  1. To supply quality products at reasonable prices by responding to customers’ needs globally with superior technology.
  2. To create an environment where each individual thrives to his/her dream diligently, which will allow Sengoku to succeed continuously.
  3. To grow in unity with society by enhancing the employees’ lives and conducting business with fairness.

Quality Policy

  1. To provide quality products that are recognized by customers.
  2. To improve quality by the consistent nurturing of outstanding personnel and exerting collective efforts every day.


The principals are designed to sustain an environment where the well-being of our employees both at work and at their homes can be managed without sacrificing, based on Japanese Government Policy.

  1. Duration: 2 years, April 1st 2011 - March 31st 2013
  2. Objectives:
    To decrease the overtime labor, no-overtime day is set weekly.
    (The execution of no-overtime is monitored and controlled in monthly management meeting)