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Sengoku Global Network (Japan, Asia, Europe, North/South America)

Global synergistic effects

Direct exporting to the US started in 1988. Currently, there are two (privately owned) productions sites in China. Sengoku now is the only Japanese kerosene heater manufacturer who promotes development and manufacturing on a global scale, providing high delivery speed and world class products.


Town that attracts 400 corporate and industries,

Torrance is an ideal destination for any businesses as well as residents. Sengoku LA is located in this beloved city, and there are rather large population of Japanese businesses alike.

Since the foundation of Sengoku LA in 1995,

convection and radiant type kerosene heaters have been marketed in both North and South America. Our customers now include gigantic DIY stores like Wal-Mart, ACE, and True Value as well as web stores like Amazon. Currently in addition to convection and radiant heaters, kerosene fan heaters are also sold to South American , Chili.