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SENGOKU's Business

Merchandise Division


Price, Quality, and Delivery Date is one of elements for Customer's satisfaction. Merchandise Division always makes products from Customer's Point of View and improving products more useful. Designing and reviewing is always checked by expert staffs, they check it very tiny parts. After designing, well-checked designs goes to product division. SENGOKU WORKS,LTD., can quickly adjust very small customer needs which is changing every day because SENGOKU WORKS,LTD produces from design to the complete component.



Everybody in SENGOKU WORKS,LTD. wishes Providing excellent products for all customers. In order to  make products including customers needs, we make designs and specifications with putting customer needs. To achieve short term development, we installed 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) for make designs including examined result.

Applying Patents every year

Since we developed designs and developments, every year we applies patents. Our patents are equals to our originality.

Experiment, experiment, and more experiment


 It is one of the most important operations to improve products quality. We tested again and again for getting enough quality assurance. For example, burning Kerosene heater covered by blanket until acquiring satisfied result. Face down Kerosene heater into a floor if the product is not shut down in 10 seconds, test is fail. We change  test environment for checking oven toaster burning level, and we will check burning level.  Repeat and repeat playback in different situation is very important for us.

ISO-9001 Best quality management for making best thing

Since we have been registered as ISO-9001 company, we have been implementing best quality assurance action for whole SENGOKU group.
We provide trusted and satisfied products because we have well-designed Quality assurance system on making best quality to Material procuration, development, production, experiment, and logistics.


Build quality into the Manufacturing Process


Our motto is - Build quality into the Manufacturing Process. For building better quality, everyone understand their own duty and procedures, as well as everybody tries to finish their manufacturing processes for sure. Those actions relate to provide well-qualified products.

Perfect Mold = High Productivity

We designs and produces our own mold. Result of that, we can make inexpensive products quickly. In addition, since we installed large sized wire cut discharge machine in a factory, we can make products which needs big mold. Additionally, we can maintain mass-produced mold, so we can correct troubles as soon as possible . Since we improves all defects that we experienced before for a new mold, we make less-defects, safer, and higher productivity mold than past. Besides, we always aggressively implement  high quality, low cost, quick delivery, automation, and rationalization.
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