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SENGOKU's Business

Production Division

We are providing stable production. Producing from design to the complete component which includes Designing mold, Metal pressing, Welding, Powder painting, and Assembling. We continue to exert efforts each and every day to quickly respond to customers' needs with Sengoku's exceptional people power network.

Setting front cover
Burner case

  • Metal Pressing
  • Solar water heaters
  • Welding
  • Dish washer
  • Welding
  • Producing from design to the complete component
  • Powder or medium painting
  • Manufacturing of Kitchen Appliances Assembling equipment

Approach to quality


Build quality into the Manufacturing Process

The most important assignment is understanding current situation of production procedures. To know how procedures are working, SENGOKU's quality is getting higher and higher. Outside adviser teach all employees regarding PPM(Project Portfolio Management). Since we continuously check past-defected point, we are avoiding defected production. We thinks and installs that right operations results no defects. Currently, Our target qualification level is tenth of current defects numbers.

Actions for environment

Since 2008, we have been trying "Eco Action 21" which is established by Environment Ministry.
We contribute below points for nature environment
1. Reducing Carbon Dioxide
2. Reducing discharge of exhaust things
3. Reducing total discharged water

Policy for Environment

  1. Environment Philosophy
    We think actions for environment is the priority issue, as well as we will try to reduce Environmental Hazard. Our target is building society which will continuously develop in the future.
  2. Policy for actions
    We will conduct below actions by developing and producing water heater related products.
    1. To observe regulation of law that related environment.
    2. We build and operate Eco action 21 environmental managing system in order to avoid pollution
    3. In order to reduce Environmental Hazard from our operation, we will try below actions.
    • (1)Energy Saving
    • (2)Trying continuous improvements of waste products.
    • (3)Saving water resource
    • (4)Strict Management of Chemical Material
    • (5)Observing Environmental Hazardous Material Policy

Major Facilities

[1] Sheet-metal working  

200t Line pacer

Facilities for mass production

Depending on customer needs, we changes manufacturing methods such as pressing or robotting. Processing weight ability is from 60t to 1250t.
Since we communicate with mold division, we can quickly repair or change mold.

  • 60t – 1250t pressing
  • 150t pressing
  • Line pacer ( Robot line)
  • Multi pacer (Robot line)
NC turret punch press,

We make small amount of production, special order product, and proto type product.  As computerized production, we make products by unpeopled and inexpensive production.

  • NC turret punch press
  • NC laser/turret punch processing
  • NC press braking

[2] Welding processing

To weld metals with several methods such as spot welding and TIG-MIG welding, seam welding.

6 seam welding
Welding robot

[3] Painting processing

Energy saving is an important issue to consider about environment. Our painting line can make mix production of both powder or medium painting. The painting robot works for mass production and Multi types production and small amount of production.

Painting robot

[4] Assembly processing


We continue to exert efforts each and every day to quickly respond to customers' needs with Sengoku's exceptional people power network. we provide products that consider nature environment. Solar water heaters are one of the examples.