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Chinese Factory Being Strong productivity, Making eco factory.

Chinese market is mysterious.


Chinese Population is about 1.5 billion. This country has giant power that affects whole world.
There are technical department, quality assurance department, and material department to testify Chinese products' quality and acquire good materials with high quality.

Dongguan SENGOKU Electronics CO.,LTD


Shan Xia Industrial Dvelopment Zone,Heng Li-Zhen, Dong Guan City,Guangdong,523462, China

Premises/Building square measure 20,000m2 / 27,800m2
Number of employees

870 workers in 2014/10

Capital 55,900,000 Hong Kong dollars
foundation date of business 7/1/2003
type of business full ownership operation

SENGOKU Electronics (Huizhou) CO.,LTD


Hui Ao Main Road East,Xinqiao Village,Danshui Town,Huiyang area,Huizhou City,Guangdong Province, China

Premises/Building square measure 50,000m2 / 38,371m2
Number of employees 700 workers in 2014/10
Capital 113 million Hong Kong dollars
foundation date of business 4/1/2010
type of business full ownership operation

Major production type and number of production in 2014

Kerosene Stove 172,000 Kerosene Fan Heater 117,000
Electrical Heaters
614,000 Wind air conditioner
Oven toaster
586,000 Water cooler 3,000
60,000 Dish washer
Portable cooker
313,000 Gas cook plate
Portable heaters 2,000    

Speed and Quality

We continue to exert efforts each and every day to quickly respond to customers' needs with Sengoku's exceptional people power network.


One-way 3D line

SENGOKU Electronics (Huizhou) CO.,LTD has been operating since April, 2010. The factory is situated on a large territory 50,000㎡. In each floor have several production and assembling lines. Having complete production process in one location, allows us to be more flexible and increase our production capacity.

  1. 1st floor is dedicated to "Building parts"; where all materials are being assembled into parts. Once assembled, the parts go to 2nd "Production" floor by elevator.
  2. Once the production procedure is complete, all parts are put together to one complete product in the 2nd floor. It is where we conduct our QAT( Quality Assurance Test). After production is certified, products go to 3rd floor, our "Completed products" warehouse.
  3. Before products are shipped, quality assurance department makes sure that all products meet our high Japanese Quality standards requirements.


We are able to respond to a wide range of customer's needs such as high quality; short-term delivery dates because we have an efficiently integrated manufacturing system.

One-way 3D line

New factory was built to establish efficient manufacturing structure with step by step production line.

Peace Factory for Environment, Area, People

Through making products in China, we contribute for area rejuvenation and hiring human resource. We hope we are needed from all people living in the area, and country, so we are doing protecting environment and actions for eco.

Equipment for exhaust air purification
Equipment for exhaust air purification
Equipment for Waste Liquid purification
Equipment for Waste Liquid purification
Solar water heaters
Solar water heaters
Planting trees in Factory
Planting trees in Factory